Indent without adding a bullet point or number in RMarkdown

I want to make an indented list, but I don't want it to have bullet points or numbers. I am using Rmarkdown in RStudio, and knitting to html.

#### bla bla bla * Example indented line with bullet point * Another indent with another bullet point * Yea this is good except for the stupid bullets! 1. Example indented line with numbers * sure and an indent with a bullet too 2. But there's these stupid numbers now! two spaces doesn't indent at all or nest indent with 4 yea still no indent with 2. four spaces ALSO doesn't indent just makes some stupid code why do you hate indents rmd??


If you want to change how a list looks and you're outputting to HTML, use css:

--- title: "ListTest" output: html_document --- <style> .nobullet li { list-style-type: none; } </style> <div class="nobullet"> * This list * Doesn't have bullets </div> * This list * Is normal

This won't work for other output formats.


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