How do you properly set a custom profile property in DNN?

I'm trying to save a custom property to an existing user profile in DNN 7, but the profile property is not getting set. I must be understanding something incorrectly.

So, how do you properly set a custom profile property in DNN?

UserInfo.Profile.SetProfileProperty("key","value") // I expect this to return "value", but it's always "" var value = UserInfo.Profile.GetProfileProperty("key"); // Even if I save it... ProfileController.UpdateUserProfile(UserInfo); // It always returns "" var savedValue = UserInfo.Profile.GetProfileProperty("key");

Note: I also tried InitialiseProfile but that didn't change the behavior.


Here is how I am accessing a propertyvalue from a property in a module base class I have for a client.

public string SomeKey { get { var ppd = UserInfo.Profile.GetProperty("SomeKey"); if (ppd.PropertyValue == string.Empty) { var SomeKeyValue = "blah" //update the user's profile property UserInfo.Profile.SetProfileProperty("SomeKey", SomeKeyValue); //save the user DotNetNuke.Entities.Users.UserController.UpdateUser(PortalId, UserInfo); //retrieve again return SomeKey; } string returnValue = ppd.PropertyValue ?? (String.IsNullOrEmpty(ppd.DefaultValue) ? String.Empty : ppd.DefaultValue); return returnValue; } }


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