ActiveMQ - CreateSession failover timeout after a connection is resumed

I'm using ActiveMQ 5.6.0 and ActiveMQ NMS client.

I connect to the broker using the follow code:

var connectionFactory = new ConnectionFactory(

connection = connectionFactory.CreateConnection();    

connection.ConnectionResumedListener += OnConnectionResumed;

Then I stop the broker and start it again. After that in the method OnConnectionResumed

private void OnConnectionResumed()
    var session = connection.CreateSession();


I always get the failover timeout exception when try to create a session.

What am I doing wrong?



This problem appeared because I had created a session in the thread where the resumed call is made in.

The correct code is:

private void OnConnectionResumed()
    Task.Factory.StartNew(() =>
            var session = connection.CreateSession();




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