Java : For String values we use the command sendKeys(“String”); Similarly what is the command for po

Selenium Java Web Driver: How to pass numeric data to a numeric field? For String values we use the command sendKeys("String");. Similarly, what is the command for posting numeric data to the numeric field?


If you do sendKeys("9"); it will send the number to the numeric field. I suppose you have something like that:

int numberToSend = 9;

And you want to send it to numeric field. You can do it by these two ways:

String numberToString = "" + numberToSend;

And then you can use either





I would do the following:

String s = "24"; Integer s1 = Integer.parseInt(s); String orderPercent = s1.toString(); .sendKeys(orderPercent);


Converting that integer to string is the simple and easy solution, like this:

int i=1; String A = Integer.toString(i);

Now pass the value to sendkeys like this:


And it will send the value 1.


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