How can I access the inner functions of this script?

I'm pretty new to Javascript, and am trying to figure out how to get to some inner functions in the following script:


Basically, I want to manually trigger the show and hide commands of Offcanvas, at line 859, to bring in an offcanvas menu in #offcanvas-nav.

To me, it looks like the outer namespace would be UI, so my first thought was to reference that in a new file, after that main uikit.js file is loaded

function staticShow() { var UI = $.UIkit || {}; var offcanvas_nav = jQuery.UIkit.offcanvas($('#offcanvas-nav'),{}); ... }

but I had no luck. Secondly I tried to access Offcanvas as a member of jQuery.UIkit but had similar results. How can I access the show/hide methods for the Offcanvas functions?

Another lesson I'd like to learn is what is happening at line 972,

})(jQuery, jQuery.UIkit, window.DocumentTouch);

I would bet my issues lie in not understanding that but I don't even know the Google phrase to search for. Thank you for any help.


line 972 is calling the anonymous function at line 851

(function($, UI, DocumentTouch) { //line 851 //omitted })(jQuery, jQuery.UIkit, window.DocumentTouch);//line 972

so within the function

    <li>$ = jQuery</li> <li>UI = jQuery.UIkit</li> <li>DocumentTouch = window.DocumentTouch</li> </ul>

    by looking at these lines

    OffcanvasTrigger.offcanvas = Offcanvas; //line 953 UI["offcanvas"] = OffcanvasTrigger; //line 955

    show should be available here: jQuery.UIkit.offcanvas.offcanvas.show


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