How To Select A Range in an Iframe With “Start” and “End” in Firefox like “selectionStart” from inpu

for Internet Explorer, I have the current code to select a range in an iframe with desingMode setting to on:

    var Range = window.document.selection.createRange();
    var obj = { start: 3</b>, end : 6</b>}
    Range.collapse( true );
    Range.moveStart( 'character', obj.start );
    Range.moveEnd( 'character', obj.end - obj.start );

Most useful if I want select only one piece of a string by only 2 parameters. Start and End ( for input elements exists the properties selectionStart and selectionEnd ).

When this code is executed, for example, on a string "Hello World", it highlight only the piece of string llo Wo</b>, or something like that. The problem is that Firefox Dom do not support the method moveStart or moveEnd, but only range.setStart and range.setEnd which request only a node and an offset as arguments.

So is possible to virtualizing the moveStart and the moveEnd methods in Firefox? Thanks.


This works for me:

var iframeElement = ...; // the DOM element for the iframe; var contentDoc = iframeElement.contentDocument; var range = contentDoc.createRange(); range.setStart(contentDoc.body.firstChild, 3); range.setEnd(contentDoc.body.firstChild, 6); var selection = iframeElement.contentWindow.getSelection(); selection.removeAllRanges(); selection.addRange(range);

You need to call removeAllRanges() in Firefox or else you can end up with multiple selections.


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