Calculating the distance between ZIP Codes in R with the mapdist function

I am trying to use the mapdist function in R which relies on the Google Geocoding API. There are many pairs of ZIPs for which the mapdist function results in NA values. For instance:

mapdist('19111', '19187') by using this function you are agreeing to the terms at : http://code.google.com/apis/maps/documentation/distancematrix/ Information from URL : http://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/distancematrix/json?origins=19111&destinations=19187&mode=driving&sensor=false from to km miles minutes hours 1 19111 19187 NA NA NA NA

But when I go into the Google Maps website it easily finds the correct answer which is about 13 miles. Does anyone know why this is happening? For many other pairs of ZIPs the function works perfectly. Thanks.


It could be that the zip code on its own is ambiguous. If you include 'USA' in the search string it works

library(ggmap) mapdist(from = c("19111, USA"), to = c("19187, USA")) # from to m km miles seconds minutes hours # 1 19111, USA 19187, USA 21420 21.42 13.31039 1976 32.93333 0.5488889


library(googleway) set_key("your_api_key") google_distance(origins = c("19111, USA"), destinations = c("19187, USA")) # $destination_addresses # [1] "Philadelphia, PA 19187, USA" # # $origin_addresses # [1] "Philadelphia, PA 19111, USA" # # $rows # elements # 1 21.4 km, 21420, 33 mins, 1976, 35 mins, 2101, OK # # $status # [1] "OK"


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