How to save training model at each training step instead of periodic save based on time interval.? -

slim.learning.train(...) accepts two arguments pertaining to saving the model(save_interval_secs) or saving the summaries(save_summaries_secs). The problem with this API is, it only allows to save the model/summary based on some "time interval" but I need to do this based on "each step" of the training.

how to achieve this using TF-slim api.?

Here is the slim.learning train api -

def train(train_op, logdir, train_step_fn=train_step, train_step_kwargs=_USE_DEFAULT, log_every_n_steps=1, graph=None, master='', is_chief=True, global_step=None, number_of_steps=None, init_op=_USE_DEFAULT, init_feed_dict=None, local_init_op=_USE_DEFAULT, init_fn=None, ready_op=_USE_DEFAULT, summary_op=_USE_DEFAULT, **save_summaries_secs=600,** summary_writer=_USE_DEFAULT, startup_delay_steps=0, saver=None, **save_interval_secs=600,** sync_optimizer=None, session_config=None, session_wrapper=None, trace_every_n_steps=None, ignore_live_threads=False):


Slim is deprecated, and using Estimator you get full control over saving / summary frequency.

You can also set the seconds to a very small number so it always saves.


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