How to remove phone number link on Iphone?

I have mobile site which have Simple <strong>Span</strong> having Phone number in it.

<span class="order1-button">999-120-9191</span>

Problem: when i open my page in iphone it have link on phone number. When i click on it option come to call.

<strong>How to remove it??</strong>

This is link of Fiddle. When you open it on iphone you also find it.

On other device button is simple without link which i need.


You can add a meta tag to your page header to prevent mobile safari turning telephone numbers into links

<meta name="format-detection" content="telephone=no">


I believe you can use dataDetectorTypes to tell the web view what links to ignore.

webview.dataDetectorType = UIDataDetectorTypeNone;

See the docs for all the types.


You can put the text-decoration:none in that class also.


Remove text decorations.

<span text-decorations="none" class="order1-button">999-120-9191</span>


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