ANTLR4: Extraneous Input error

I'm following the "Definitive ANTLR4 Reference" book, and decided to add a couple of keywords to their calculator grammar to help clear memory. Building the grammar and compiling the resulting java code works fine, but when I execute the visitor code, I get the error: "line 6:0 extraneous input '$rem' expecting {<EOF>, '(', ID, INT, NEWLINE}" and the same for '$clearmem' on line 8:0.

Here is my grammar file:

grammar LabeledExpr; //Parser rules================================= prog: kword+ | stat+ ; stat: expr endl # printExpr | ID '=' expr endl # assign | NEWLINE # blank ; expr: expr op=('*'|'/') expr # MulDiv | expr op=('+'|'-') expr # AddSub | INT # int | ID # id | '(' expr ')' # parens ; kword: '$clearmem' endl #clearMem | '$rem' ID endl #remVar ; endl: NEWLINE | EOF ; //Lexer rules================================== ID: [a-zA-Z]+ ; INT: [0-9]+ ; NEWLINE: '\r'? '\n' ; WS: [ \t]+ -> skip; MUL: '*' ; DIV: '/' ; ADD: '+' ; SUB: '-' ;

And the .expr file with the code to parse:

193 a = 5 b = 6 a b $rem a a $clearmem

I just started on ANTLR4 last night so I really don't know much of what to look for error-wise, but from what I can tell nothing is wrong with either file.

I'm sure that I am missing something pretty simple, but I can find it, so I would appreciate help from anyone who is more familiar with ANTLR4.



The problem is your prog rule:

prog: kword+ | stat+ ;

This rule states that the program consists of one or more kword rules or one or more stat rules. There is no program that includes both a kword and stat. What you probably meant to write is the following, which allows any sequence of kword or stat rules. Note that I changed + to * to allow an empty program. Even if your compiler shouldn't allow the program to be empty, this error is better left for validation in a visitor or listener.

prog : ( kword | stat )* ;


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