Unneccessary Privacy Policy For Entitlements? [closed]

I am attempting to submit my first app into the ios app store, however I am receiving this annoying error:

Apps that use the entitlements [com.apple.developer.in-app-payments] must have a privacy policy URL for [English]. If your app doesn’t use these entitlements, remove them from your app and upload a new binary.

I am implementing in app purchases and have successfully tested them. I don't know why I am getting this error? I have added the StoreKit framework. In my Capabilities section in Xcode I have in-app purchases turned on with no warnings or errors.

Can anyone explain or help me with this?


I also faced the same problem, which finally I resolved and uploaded. You enabled in-app purchases in your APPId, that's why you got this error. So you must enter a privacy policy URL (but it is displayed as optional) in iTunes Connect. <img src="https://i.stack.imgur.com/h2im6.png" alt="iTunes Connect Privacy Policy URL Entry">


Using in app purchases requires you to keep track for the devices that made those purchases so that if that information is lost, then the device can use your method of checking if that content should belong on the device or not, then place it there. Mainly to make sure that user data and device data are both safe. Refer to the reference for more info.



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