Fullcalendar.js get events of the day on click

Fullcalendar.js get events of the day on click

Is it possible to get all events of the day I click on in the monthview and print them in any div element with Fullcalendar.js?

Here's my JSFiddle:



You can always iterate over all events and find out which event is on selected day. Here is my function to do that:

function getEvents(date){ all_events.forEach(function(entry) { if (entry['start'] == date.format()){ alert(entry['title']);} else if (entry['start'] <= date.format() && entry['end'] >= date.format()){ alert(entry['title']);} }); }

You can see my <strong>DEMO</strong>.

If you click on date 2014-10-06 there will be 2 events that will shows up in alert. Click on date 2014-10-07 will alert only one event.


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