twitter retweet user id api python

using the twitter api with python, I need to know how to get all the user ids of all the people that retweeted a tweet.

I went here: https://dev.twitter.com/docs/api/1/get/statuses/%3Aid/retweeted_by

but I do not know how to put that into python.

here is my code so far:

from twitter import * t = Twitter(auth=OAuth(....)) twitter = t.statuses.user_timeline.snl() twitter[0]['text'] # gets the tweet twitter[0]['retweet_count'] # gets the number of retweets

what is my next line to get the IDs of all the users who retweeted?


You should use retweets_of_me for twitter API 1.1, retweeted_by is deprecated and doesn't work.

Here's an example:

from twitter import * t = Twitter(auth=OAuth(...)) tweets = t.statuses.user_timeline.snl() for tweet in tweets: retweets = t.statuses.retweets_of_me(since_id=str(tweet['id']), max_id=str(tweet['id'])) print retweets

Hope that helps.


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