Error in Netbeans & Svn: Pristine text not found

I'm trying to commit some files to my svn repo with netbeans and I always get this error:

org.apache.subversion.javahl.ClientException: E155004: There are unfinished work items in '/Applications/MAMP/htdocs/ppxtrlgs'; run 'svn cleanup' first.

So, when I do svn cleanup, I get this error:

org.apache.subversion.javahl.ClientException: E155032: Pristine text not found

How can I fix it?

Thanks a lot!


I encounter this "Pristine text not found" when I was trying to SVN "update to head" in Netbeans. I am using TortoiseSVN, I go to the Project Folder in Windows, right click and select "SVN Update" of TortoiseSVN , then it works, hope it helps


Simple solution of this problem

    <li>Take a backup of changed files</li> <li>Delete the project </li> <li>Checkout the same project again.</li> <li>Merge the backup file to the new checked out project</li> </ul>


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