ORM & Logical Delete

Do any of the available ORMs support using a bit field to represent row removal?

More information. Working in C#. I need to delete this way to support synchronization of remote database changes to a central database. I'm looking for a possible ORM, but am also interested in approaches to the problem. So if anyone knows any ORM in any language/environment that addresses this problem I would be interested in looking at it. Thanks for the questions feel free to ask more if anything is unclear.


This may not apply if you're not using .NET, but the LightSpeed ORM has a built in feature called "soft delete". Basically, when you have a DeletedOn field on your table LightSpeed will insert the time it was deleted. It automatically handles this on normal selects (e.g. where Deleted == null) so that the deleted items are not seen again. You could then write a sync process that detects the deleted state by checking that field.

You can of course instruct the querying engine to include deleted results.

Mindscape LightSpeed ORM

I am making an assumption also that we're talking about the same thing here :-)


I recommend to implement logical delete externally in your application, cause it's not very complex, but it will be more flexible. See this article for details.


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