Java best style for return statement - inside or outside if condition? [closed]

Is there a better way to write the code below? I'm checking if an object is null, returning false if it is, otherwise I check another variable and choose what to do based on that.

private boolean myFunction(MyObjectType myObject) { if (myObject == null) { return false; } else if (myInstanceVariable.myMethod()) { // Do something then return System.out.println(myObject.getSomeValue()); return true; } else { return false; } }

Is it better to have the final else statement or move the return false (and any other code that I may have put before it inside the final else { } block) outside the if statement? I could see it being safer (and fewer lines of code) to move it outside so the function is 100% guaranteed to return. Could it depend on how the compiler behaves?

private boolean myFunction(MyObjectType myObject) { if (myObject == null) { ... } else if (myVariable.myMethod()) { ... } return false; }


It's better to have the last return statement in the end outside any if statements. Also last I remember, if all your returns are inside if statements you will get a compilation error stating the method doesn't have a return or that the return may not always be reached.


For me, this is better:

private boolean myFunction(MyObjectType myObject) { if (myObject == null) { return false; } if (myInstanceVariable.myMethod()) { // Do something then return System.out.println(myObject.getSomeValue()); return true; } return false; }

If you are returning from inside an if block, then you don't need an else block. I find it better because the true complexity of the logic is better expressed by this less-complex looking method. Fewer braces and less indentation makes it easier to understand, at least for me.


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