Rails: Run initializer before creating classes

Basically I have an initializer class at RAILS_ROOT/config/initialiers/app_constant.rb to make everything easy to control.

class AppConstant APIURL = 'http://path.to.api' end

And in the RAILS_ROOT/model/user.rb, I have the settings:

class User < ActiveResource::Base self.site = AppConstant::APIURL end

And when run rails s, I got the following error

<class:User>: uninitialized constant User::AppConstant::APIURL

I know that the problem is because Rails run Initializers after creating the Classes. Is there any way to make some Initializers run before Rails setup it classes?


Finally this problem is solved by adding require "#{Rails.root}\conf\initializers\app_constant.rb" to the application.rb which is loaded right before Rails loads models.


To have code run before Rails itself is loaded, put it above require 'rails/all' in config/application.rb.


Another solution would be to wrap the constant in a method so it is not evaluated when the class is loaded, but only later when the method is called:

def self.site AppConstant::APIURL end

If it needs to be settable as well:

def self.site=(url) @site = url end def self.site @site ||= AppConstant::APIURL end


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