Python ElementTree: How to add SubElement at VERY specific position?

I want to add a subelement to an xml file, but in a very specific position, not appended to the end.

The standard way is:

subi = ET.SubElement(root[0][0], 'subi')

which is fine.

but: Let's say, root[0][0] already has two children, hence accessible via root[0][0][0] and root[0][0][1].

And I want "subi" to become the new middle child, root[0][0][1], making the original second child become the third child root[0][0][2].

Is there a way to do that? (My experiences with life and nature would say no, but I have high hopes for python=)


You can use Element.insert method. It allows you to specify an index.

For example, to insert before the 3rd (index: 2) element:

>>> import xml.etree.ElementTree as ET >>> >>> root = ET.fromstring(''' ... <root> ... <first></first> ... <second></second> ... <third></third> ... </root> ... ''') >>> >>> new = ET.Element('new') >>> root.insert(2, new) # <----------- >>> print(ET.tostring(root)) <root> <first /> <second /> <new /><third /> </root>


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