Converting uppercase html tags to lowercase

I have the following to replace uppercase HTML tags with lowercase ones.

$output = preg_replace("%<(/?[A-Z].*?)>%s",strtolower('$1'),$output);

The matching seems to be working well (in my RegEx testing site), but the replacement isn't.


Hoping someone can point me in the right direction on this.


You are calling strtolower on "$1" and then using the result (which is just $1 again) to replace to.

Instead, use preg_replace_callback and have the callback be: function($m) {return strtolower($m[0]);}


$output = preg_replace("%<(/?[A-Z].*?)>%se", "'<' . strtolower('\\1') . '>'",$output);

<strong>Edit</strong>: forgot to mention that you should NOT use preg for HTML stuff :) DOMDocument is a far better choice.


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