Date query with the current date between two date_time columns

I have a fusion table with two date_time columns. The fist one is the start date (Startdatum) and in the other column is the end date (Einddatum).

I want to do a query with the current date, and only show the KML-lines on a map where the current date lies between the start and end date.

I tried to use the code below to create a string with a date format:

var time_date = new Date(); var day = time_date.getDate(); var month = time_date.getMonth()+1; var year = time_date.getFullYear(); var date = (year+"."+month+"."+day);

To show the KML-lines on the map I tried to use the following code:

layer = new google.maps.FusionTablesLayer({ map: map, heatmap: { enabled: false }, query: { select: "col2", from: "1mOMP1seJq4FdiNTugsfylZaJc8sKcSlfJKUuTJjv", where: "'Startdatum' <= date AND 'Einddatum' >= date" }, options: { styleId: 2, templateId: 2 } });

Unfortunatly the map shows all the KMS-lines regardless what date is in one of the columns.

What am I doing wrong?


<ol> <li>

the where-clause is wrong, it has to be

where: "Startdatum <= '"+date+"' AND Einddatum >= '"+date+"'" </li> <li>

the date-format seems to be wrong. Although the used format yyyy.MM.dd is defined in the documentation, it doesn't work. The format yyyy-MM-dd currently works for me(but it's not defined in the documentation).

var date = (year+"-"+month+"-"+day);

(in case that day and month be less than 10 they wouldn't match the pattern, but that doesn't seem to be an issue)

</li> </ol>

Beyond that: when you fix these 2 mentioned parts it currently works(for me), but I've tried it a couple of hours ago and got unstable results.


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