Response does not match configured parameter:

I am getting following error in angular $resource: error description

Error: error:badcfg Response does not match configured parameter: Error in resource configuration for action `array`. Expected response to contain an object but got an {2}

I initialized the ng app as follows:

var appRoot = angular.module('smapp', ['ngRoute', 'ui.bootstrap', 'ngResource']);

The service:

appRoot.factory('ProgramsResource', function ($resource) { return $resource('Home/Program', {}, { Program: { method: 'get', isArray: false } }) });

In my controller:

appRoot.controller('ProgramCtrl', function ($scope, ProgramsResource) { $scope.searchPrograms = function () { $scope.Programs = ProgramsResource.query( { TotalItems: $scope.TotalItems, ItemsPerPage: $scope.ItemsPerPage, PageNo: $scope.CurrentPage }); }; $scope.TotalItems = 175; $scope.ItemsPerPage = 20; $scope.CurrentPage = 1; $scope.searchPrograms(); });

Json I am sending from the server in respons:


The angular $response throws error for above json

But if I do not send "List" array within json and send simple json as follows, everything works fine then:


I am new to angular and don't know what exactly I am doing wrong.


Instead of doing

$scope.Programs = ProgramsResource.query(


$scope.Programs = ProgramsResource.get(

query function expects the response to be an array, where as get expects a object. Since you are returning object use get.

The default setting for query function is isArray:true. This flag helps angular to de-serialize your response into either object or array. See resource documentation.

<strong>Also note:</strong> When you change default settings for a <strong>query</strong> function like the following, you will encounter this error if you do not define isArray as true. So always add isArray: true when you change the default settings for query:

var res = $resource('/api/userinfoes/:Id', { Id: "@Id" }, { 'query': { method:'GET', headers: { 'Authorization': 'Bearer ' + token }, isArray:true} });


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