How to get the min-height of the object when its parent is set to display none?

Why I can't get the min-height of an object when its <strong>parent</strong> is set to display: none, but I still can it the object's height if the min-height is <strong>not</strong> in use?

For instance,


li { display:none; } .object { display:block; width:100px; border:1px solid #000; }


<li><a href="#" class="object" style="height:200px;"><img class="element" /></a></li> <li><a href="#" class="object" style="min-height:300px;"><img class="element" /></a></li>


$(document).ready(function(){ $('.object img').each(function(){ alert($(this).parent().height()); }); });


How can I still get the min-height of the object even though its parent is set to display none?


When an element isn't displayed, it has no height or width.

You can extract the CSS attribute, though:



Note that this now returns a string with "px" at the end, instead of a number like height() does. You may need to parse it as an integer:

alert( parseInt($(this).parent().css('min-height'),10) );

Obviously if there's no min-height set in CSS, this won't work. Depending on what you want the number for, you may need to add some programmatic logic that extracts .css('height') if there's no min-height returned.

$(document).ready(function(){ $('.object img').each(function(){ var h = parseInt($(this).parent().css('min-height'),10) || parseInt($(this).parent().css('height'),10); alert(h); }); }); ​


Finally, remember that the values you're getting from .css aren't necessarily what the height will be when the element is finally displayed -- they're only what you want the height to be.


$('.object img').each(function(){ alert($(this).parent().css("min-height")); });

that is just to get the css attribute, a hidden object has no height or width, so you'll need to display it, get the measurments and hide it.

something like the following: http://jsfiddle.net/c2vrr/

please note that aslong as your DOM isn't 'huge' - it'll be instantanous, and you won't see the 'briefly displayed' elements.


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