Sending POST request with data to PHP script from c# level

so I have a php script(its name is wiadomosci.php) with following code:

<?php if (isset($_GET['wszystkie'])) //when I'm sending GET with wszystkie? paramets it send back all records in JSON - it works without any problems { $con=mysqli_connect("xxxl","xxxx","xxxx","xxxl"); if (mysqli_connect_errno()) { echo "Failed to connect to MySQL: " . mysqli_connect_error(); } else { mysqli_query("SET CHARSET utf8", $con); mysqli_query("SET NAMES 'utf8' COLLATE 'utf8_bin'", $con); $tablica_wynikow = array(); $pobrane_dane = mysqli_query($con, "SELECT * FROM wiadomosci"); while($nt=mysqli_fetch_assoc($pobrane_dane)){ $tablica_wynikow[] = $nt; } header('Content-Type: application/json'); echo json_encode($tablica_wynikow); } mysqli_close($con); } if (isset($_POST["nowa_wiadomosc"])) //hre is post part { $tresc_wiadomosci = $_POST["nowa_wiadomosc"]; $con=mysqli_connect("xxx","xxx","xxx","xxxx"); if (mysqli_connect_errno()) { echo "Failed to connect to MySQL: "; } else { mysqli_query("SET CHARSET utf8", $con); mysqli_query("SET NAMES 'utf8' COLLATE 'utf8_bin'", $con); mysqli_query("INSERT INTO wiadomosci (tresc_wiadomosci) values ($tresc_wiadomosci)"); } mysqli_close($con); } ?>

And this is how I try to send POST from c# app:

System.Net.WebClient client = new System.Net.WebClient(); string result = client.UploadString("xxxxxxxx/wiadomosci.php?", "nowa_wiadomosc=TESTTTTT"); Console.WriteLine(result);

But as result I get some random webiste's html code and new record isn't added. If someone could point me in the right direction.

EDIT: ITS FIXED. I started debbuging it more and more and it was wrong query construction in php script, now everything works.

Thank You guys anyway.


You can try following to send POST request.

using (var wb = new WebClient()) { var data = new NameValueCollection(); data["nowa_wiadomosc"] = "TESTTTTT"; var response = wb.UploadValues("xxxxxxxx/wiadomosci.php?", "POST", data); }

Checkout for help -- LINK


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