Razor: tag within conditional statement throwing error

@if (Model.Property != null) { <text> <div class="row"> </text> Html.RenderPartial("~/Views/CustomView.cshtml", Model); <text> (line throwing error) </div> </text> }

Error: "The "text" element was not closed. All elements must be either self-closing or have a matching end tag."

I struggle to understand why second set of <text> tags is returning that error. Any help to understand it would be appreciated.


In Razor, tags must be nested properly. <text></div></text> is not proper nesting.

I think in your case you simply should remove all the <text> and </text> tags:

@if (Model.Property != null) { <div class="row"> @Html.Partial("~/Views/InTimeTemplate/InputFormElements/ReadMore.cshtml", Model); </div> }

Which is equivalent to:

@if (Model.Property != null) { <div class="row"> @{ Html.RenderPartial("~/Views/InTimeTemplate/InputFormElements/ReadMore.cshtml", Model); } </div> }
    <li>Partial will return the result, which will be rendered thanks to the @</li> <li>RenderPartial will render it directly, but you need to introduce a C# block with @{ ... }</li> </ul>


    Bit too late but still:

    Just as an example u can use "@:"

    Like this:

    @for (int t = 0; t < Model.TrainLines[i].Stations.Count; t++) { <circle id="pointA" cx="@stationCounter" cy="@trainLineCounter" r="3" /> @: <text x="@stationCounter" y="@trainLineCounter" dy="30">A</text> stationCounter += 50; }


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