How to install which programs requires “sudo” in virtualenv?

I'm trying to install kivy, in the docs it says:

$ sudo apt-get install python-setuptools python-pygame python-opengl \ python-gst0.10 python-enchant gstreamer0.10-plugins-good cython python-dev \ build-essential libgl1-mesa-dev libgles2-mesa-dev $ sudo easy_install kivy

But I don't want to use sudo I like to keep my projects organized in virtualenv, so how install the requirements without using sudo. apt-get install won't work unless i use sudo. and i can't find the requirements in pip. Lets say i want to install easy_install in virtualenv for example, how to do that?


I do not think you can get around installing kivy's dependent packages without sudo/root access.

Once you have them installed, follow steps outlined in Andrew's answer.


when you use virtualenv and start it running, you can use the easy_install / pip that is installed there. that doesn't require sudo because it installs directly to virtualenv.

in other words - it just works. have you tried it?

there's a simple example here http://www.arthurkoziel.com/2008/10/22/working-virtualenv/


    sudo easy_install virtualenv (the last sudo you need)

    </li> <li>

    virtualenv kivydir

    </li> <li>

    source kivydir/bin/activate

    </li> <li>

    easy_install kivy (installs to kivydir)

    </li> </ul>


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