system.net.mail is too slow

am using system.net.mail to send email as shown below, but its too slow. it takes about a minute to send, whats wrong with my code. Am calling the code below in backgroundworker_dowork.

[edit]: is there a faster alternative, maybe free or open source code

' send the email ' Dim smtp As SmtpClient = New SmtpClient() Dim mail As New MailMessage() Dim i As Long = 0 ' SMTP settings ' With smtp .Host = Trim$(sSMTP) .Port = Trim$(iPort) .UseDefaultCredentials = False .Credentials = New System.Net.NetworkCredential(sUserID, sPword) .EnableSsl = bSSL End With ' create the mail ' With mail If sAttachment <> vbNullString Then .Attachments.Add(New Net.Mail.Attachment(sAttachment)) End If .From = New MailAddress(sFromEmail, sFromName) .ReplyTo = New MailAddress(sReplyTo) .Subject = sSubject .IsBodyHtml = True .Body = sMessage End With For i = 0 To lstRecipients.Count - 1 mail.To.Add(lstRecipients(i)) Debug.Print(lstRecipients(i)) Try smtp.Send(mail) lSent += 1 bwrkMain.ReportProgress(CInt(100 * (i + 1) / iTotalRecipients)) SetStatus("Sent:" & lstRecipients(i)) Catch ex As Exception bwrkMain.ReportProgress(CInt(100 * (i + 1) / iTotalRecipients)) SetStatus("Not Sent:" & lstRecipients(i)) End Try mail.To.Clear() Next


Leave it up to the SMTP server to distribute the email to the recipients.

For i = 0 To lstRecipients.Count - 1 mail.To.Add(lstRecipients(i)) Next smtp.Send(mail)

Use the Bcc property if you don't want the recipient to see the other names.


You might want to switch to "pickup mode" where the mail client drops the message(s) in the local IIS SMTP dispatch location instead. That way you're sending mail asynchronously (sorta), although you'll have to install and configure the SMTP component.

Your code seems fine to me, the lag must be in the relay server you're using.


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