selecting record from oracle

To select last record, I was using this when my database was MySQL:

$result = mysql_query("SELECT Id FROM test ORDER BY LENGTH(Id), Id ASC"); $count = mysql_numrows($result); if($count != 0) { $lastid = mysql_result($result,$count-1,"Id"); }

...and it works fine. But now my table is in an Oracle database - I wrote:

$stid = oci_parse($conn, "SELECT Id FROM test ORDER BY LENGTH(Id), Id ASC"); oci_execute($stid); $p = oci_parse($conn, "SELECT COUNT(ID) FROM test"); oci_execute($p); $count = oci_fetch_array($p); if($count[0] != 0) { $lastid = oci_result($stid, $count[0]-1); }

It doesn't work - I am not getting the last record.


If you read the documentation for oci_result, you'll find you're using the second parameter incorrectly.

The second parameter is what you use to retrieve the column - it can be the column name, or the ordinal value. Ordinal value is a number, starting at one (1) based on the columns specified in the SELECT clause. Ordinals aren't a recommended practice, because if the query changes -- if you forget to update the ordinal reference your retrieval of values is screwed. Effectively, the subsequent COUNT query returns a value higher than the number of columns in the first queries SELECT clause.

$stid = oci_parse($conn, "SELECT Id FROM test ORDER BY LENGTH(Id), Id ASC"); oci_execute($stid); $lastid = oci_result($stid, 1);

oci_result lacks the third parameter that mysql_result provides.

To make things work in Oracle, use:

$stid = oci_parse($conn, "SELECT x.id FROM (SELECT Id FROM test ORDER BY LENGTH(Id) DESC, Id DESC) x WHERE ROWNUM = 1"); oci_execute($stid); $lastid = oci_result($stid, 1);

The updated query will return one row, the latest based on reversing the ORDER BY you were using previously.


And what are you using this for? If it is to determine the next Id, then <strong>don't do this</strong>, but use a sequence instead. If not then you can use select max(id) from testid to get the maximum value of the column.


First create a sequence to store the sequential number :

create sequence testid_seq;

Then when you insert a record, use

insert into testid(id, ...) values ("D111-" || testid_seq.nextval, ... );

And just fill in the dots with the info you want to insert.


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