Uploading files directly to specific folder in ftp server using spring spring

I have, I suppose, really newbie question but the fact is I'm newbie in spring framework. How can I upload files to, for example 'upload' folder loceted in root directory of my ftp server? I have tried this: My application context file:

<bean id="ftpClientFactory" class="org.springframework.integration.ftp.session.DefaultFtpSessionFactory"> <property name="host" value=""/> <property name="username" value="test"/> <property name="password" value="test"/> <property name="clientMode" value="0"/> <property name="fileType" value="2"/> <property name="bufferSize" value="10000"/> </bean> <int:channel id="ftpChannel"/> <int-ftp:outbound-channel-adapter id="outFtpAdapter" channel="ftpChannel" session-factory="ftpClientFactory" remote-directory="/Users/test"/>

and my java code:

ConfigurableApplicationContext context = new FileSystemXmlApplicationContext("/src/citrus/resources/citrus-context.xml"); MessageChannel ftpChannel = context.getBean("ftpChannel", MessageChannel.class); File file = new File("/Users/test/test.txt"); Message<File> fileMessage = MessageBuilder.withPayload(file).build(); ftpChannel.send(fileMessage); context.close();

But this example upload files to root directory. Thanks in advance.


I've just tested it and work well:

<int-ftp:outbound-channel-adapter id="sendFileToServer" auto-create-directory="true" session-factory="ftpSessionFactory" remote-directory="/Users/test"/>

Where my FTP server is an embedded one and its root is:


So the file is stored in the dir:


It is with the latest Spring Integration version.

Which is your version?


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