Changing mouse cursor while Ember content is saving

I know Ember makes it quite straight forward to display an indicator on route transitions that take a long time.

But what's the easiest way to do the same after a Save button is clicked, and until the save operation completes? I am not finding much on this.


Assuming based off the tag you are using ember data

$('html,body').css('cursor','crosshair'); record.save().finally(function(){ // revert mouse });


Obviously this is limited, and crosshair, but it shows the general idea, and typing in a phone sucks, I apologize.


Thanks to kingpin2k, I feel this solution pretty nicely handles EmberData Model ajax operations:

DS.Model.reopen save: -> @cursorWait() @_super().finally => @cursorDefault() createRecord: (hash) -> @cursorWait() @_super(hash).finally => @cursorDefault() destroyRecord: -> @cursorWait() @_super().finally => @cursorDefault() cursorWait: -> $('html,body').css('cursor', 'wait') cursorDefault: -> $('html,body').css('cursor', 'default')

And one can still chain a <strong>finally</strong> and/or a <strong>then</strong> while calling the model methods:

actions: save: -> @controller.content.save().then(-> console.log 'then').finally(-> console.log 'another finally')


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