Disclosure Indicator doesn't call seque while Detail Disclosure does

I have an interesting problem. I'd like to have detail screen pop up when people click on the arrow in the Table View. The cells are dynamic.

When I select Disclosure Indicator - I do not get the segue called and and I don't get accessoryButtonTappedForRowWithIndexPath called either. When I change it to Detail Disclosure everything works just fine.

Any guesses to what I can do to make the disclosure indicator act just like the detail disclosure?



Disclosure indicators are not buttons and therefore do not cause the tableView:accessoryButtonTappedForRowWithIndexPath: delegate method to fire, while a detail disclosure is a button and therefore does fire that method.

The best you can hope to do, I imagine, is to add a UIButton to your table view cell and give it an image that very closely resembles the default table view disclosure indicator. This is kind of a hacky solution though, so I would discourage you from actually doing this.


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