Accessing Google Shopping Fields via BigCommerce API

I am creating a custom integration with a third party part supplier to create products in their inventory in BigCommerce. I Need the ability to turn on google shopping for the products imported and add the MPN and category, but i don't see how to modify this in the API. If anyone has any feedback please let me know!


So, after contacting BigCommerce about this issue. The API does not have access to the Google shopping fields. Bummer. However as a workaround you can generate an import file with just product ids and the required fields listed in this nice tutorial. Follow the remaining steps in the guide to find the fields for the google shopping tab (they all start with GPS) and then add your values to a csv.

My script will actually generate the csv when a new product is added via the api, and send it to the client for upload. Which isn't too much of a hassle when inventory items do not change frequently.


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