How to extract two rows for each unique user id

Following query used to extract the following column & rows.

issue is i am not able extract two rows from each user ID . If i am using limit then fetches only 1st two rows.

so how i can extract the two rows for each Unique user id.

For example :

two rows of userid 222 two rows of userid 122 two rows of userid 367

and so on


Expected output :


Assuming <strong>id</strong> is your user id and <strong>post_ID</strong> is unique.

(SELECT id,name,post,Image,post FROM users GROUP BY id ORDER BY id ) UNION (SELECT id,name,post,Image,post FROM users WHERE post_ID NOT IN (SELECT post_ID FROM users GROUP BY id ORDER BY id) GROUP BY id ORDER BY id ) ORDER BY id, post_ID <hr>

Please check my query from which I get the below answer:

( SELECT store_id, `key_id` , `string` , `translate` , `locale` FROM `core_translate` AS C GROUP BY `store_id` ORDER BY `store_id` ) UNION ( SELECT store_id, `key_id` , `string` , `translate` , `locale` FROM `core_translate` AS C WHERE `key_id` NOT IN ( SELECT `key_id` FROM `core_translate` AS C GROUP BY `store_id` ORDER BY `store_id` ) GROUP BY `store_id` ORDER BY C.`store_id` ) ORDER BY store_id, `key_id` <hr> store_id key_id string translate locale 0 20 Screensize Screensize en_US 0 21 Gender Gender en_US 1 1 Size Size en_US 1 2 Color Color en_US 2 5 Large Image Large Image en_US 2 6 Medium Image Medium Image en_US 3 10 Manufacturer Manufacturer en_US 3 11 Dimensions Dimensions en_US 4 15 Description Description en_US 4 16 Weight Weight en_US


Not sure this is workable on mysql, but you can this. I'm assuming id is user id and post_ID is unique.


try to workaround mysql limitation.

select id,name,post_Imagename_small,Image_title,post_ID from users u1 where u1.post_ID in ( select u3.post_ID from ( select u2.post_ID from users u2 where u2.id = u1.id limit 2 ) s u3 ) order by u1.id

<strong>EDIT 2</strong>

in the case that the answer doesn't work, here is a good reading on this sort of querying problem, there're various solving approachs too.


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