jquery mobile and iphone - white space in the bottom of the page

I have a jquery mobile webpage. It looks good on desktop browsers, and also on android.

But in iphone's safari, I have a weird white space in the bottom of the page. It looks like a problem with the min-height of the .ui-page, because the white space is as height as the title-bar + url-bar of safari.

Any ideas?

EDIT: I found the problem: It was:

html, body { overflow-x: hidden !important; position: relative !important; }


I hope this code fix your problem.


// Get height of the document var screen = $(document).height(); // Get height of the header var header = $('[data-role=header]').height(); // Get height of the footer var footer = $('[data-role=footer]').height(); // Simple calculation to get the remaining available height var content = screen - header - footer; // Change the height of the `content` div $('[data-role=content]').css({'height': content });


The problem is with min-height attribute in min.css. change

ui-page { min-height:"400px" }

Hope it works :)


Sorry for posting on an old question, but I recently got stuck with this.

Turned out the problem was caused in some browsers by JS functions people provide for hiding the address bar.

such as

function hideAddressBar(){ if(document.documentElement.scrollHeight<window.outerHeight/window.devicePixelRatio) document.documentElement.style.height=(window.outerHeight/window.devicePixelRatio)+'px'; setTimeout(window.scrollTo(1,1),0); } window.addEventListener("load",function(){hideAddressBar();}); window.addEventListener("orientationchange",function(){hideAddressBar();});


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