In PostgreSQL how do you join two tables select separate information

Having trouble with joins.

I have a table called subjects

subno subname 30006 Math 31445 Science 31567 Business

I also have a another table called enrollment

subno sno 30009 980008 4134 988880


how to list subject numbers and subject names for student 9800007 ?


Try this

select * from subjects s left join enrollment e on s.subno = e.subno where sno=9800007


If you want to return zero rows for students without an enrolment, use a LEFT [OUTER] JOIN, eg:

SELECT e.sno, s.subno, s.subname FROM enrollment e LEFT OUTER JOIN subjects s ON s.subno = e.subno WHERE e.sno=988880;

To return no rows for students without enrolments, use an INNER JOIN:

SELECT e.sno, s.subno, s.subname FROM enrollment e INNER JOIN subjects s ON s.subno = e.subno WHERE e.sno=988880;

Note that join order is important for outer joins (RIGHT [OUTER] JOIN and LEFT [OUTER] JOIN - the OUTER keyword is optional) but not for INNER JOIN. For that reason, @swetha's answer has a problem: the join order is reversed if you're looking for information about a student.

See this SQLFiddle


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