Ansible: disable service only if present

Is there any nice way to do disable and stop a service, but only if it's installed on server? Something like this:

- service: name={{ item }} enabled=no state=stopped only_if_present=yes with_items: - avahi-daemon - abrtd - abrt-ccpp

Note that "only_if_present" is a keyword that doesn't exist right now in Ansible, but I suppose my goal is obvious.


I don't know what is the package name in your case, but you can do something similar to this:

- shell: dpkg-query -W 'avahi' ignore_errors: True register: is_avahi when: ansible_distribution == 'Debian' or ansible_distribution == 'Ubuntu' - shell: rpm -q 'avahi' ignore_errors: True register: is__avahi when: ansible_distribution == 'CentOS' or ansible_distribution == 'Red Hat Enterprise Linux' - service: name=avahi-daemon enabled=no state=stopped when: is_avahi|failed

Update: I have added conditions so that the playbook works when you have multiple different distros, you might need to adapt it to fit your requirements.


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