How do I connect glade signals using GtkBuilder in C#?

In python, I could just do builder.connect_signals(self). It doesn't seem like this method exists in C#, and after looking at the GtkBuilder documentation, it looks like python is the exception, rather than the rule. How would I accomplish the same thing in C#?


Right now Gtk.Builder is not fully implemented in the current version of Gtk# (2.12). This thread explains the current situation. So once Gtk# 2.14 is released, you can just do:

builder.Autoconnect (this);

In the meantime you could use Glade.XML, and then convert your code (and glade files) as described here: http://lists.ximian.com/pipermail/gtk-sharp-list/2008-October/009157.html


You can connect your signals using method Autoconnect, but method that represent a signal in c# must be in form:

static void customMethod(object sender, EventArgs args);

So each field of class that you use in such method must be declared as static. It robs you of creating another instance of your class.

There is another way of connecting signals:

Builder builder = new Builder(); builder.AddFromFile("custom.glade"); Button button = (Button)builder.GetObject("closeButton"); button.Clicked += delegate { Application.Quit(); }


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