Marquee text sliding to center of div

I have the following marquee:

<div id="tip"><marquee loop="1" direction="right" behavior="slide">Text</marquee></div>

The above code moves the text from left to right and stops at right edge of div. Is there a way to force it to stop in center of div? I can't use paddings because the text is random and doesn't have a fixed length.

current behavior:

 >      >      >      >      >      >       >      >      >          Text

My desired behavior:

    >    >     >    >     >     >   Text


would not advice you to use marquee but if you really want to, then you can do this to get your desired effect

<div id="tip"> <div class="stop"> <marquee loop="1" direction="right" behavior="slide">Text</marquee> </div> </div>


.stop{width:*your choice*;}


All you need to type is in plain html

marquee loop="1" direction="right" behavior="slide">center Text /center /marquee

you do not need to know css and be sure to include center tags inbetween the marquee tags. have fun!!


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