Multiple instance of ONE JFrame

In Java, I have 2 classes. One contains a JFrame. On startup, that class is called. The JFrame shows.

But in the other class, when I press a button on it's own frame, it opens a new instance of that class which should make another frame. But it just focuses on the old frame already opened...



public FrameToOpen() { JFrame frame = new JFrame(); // Just the most simple settings to make it appear... frame.setSize(400, 200); frame.setVisible(true); }


public OtherClass() { JFrame frame = new JFrame(); JPanel window = new JPanel(); JButton openFrame = new JButton("Open Frame); // Again, just the most simple settings to make it appear with components... frame.setSize(400, 200); frame.setVisible(true); frame.add(window); window.setLayout(null); window.add(openFrame); openFrame.setBounds(5, 5, 100, 30); openFrame.addActionListener(this); frame.repaint(); frame.validate(); } public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e) { Object o = e.getSource(); if (o == openFrame) { // THIS HERE MAKES NEW INSTANCE OF FRAMETOOPEN new FrameToOpen(); } }

So, when I press this button, it doesn't open a new frame, but just focuses on old one.

Please help.

<strong>'Actual' Classes</strong>


if (o == openAdmin) { int port; try { port = Integer.parseInt(portNumber.getText().trim()); } catch(Exception er) { appendEvent("Invalid Port Number."); return; } // FrameToOpen.java. Opening a new instance of that class... new ClientGUI("localhost", port, true); }


static JFrame frame = new JFrame("Chat Client"); Dimension d = new Dimension(600, 600); JMenuBar menu = new JMenuBar(); public ClientGUI(String host, int port, boolean isHost) { this.isHost = isHost; frame.setSize(d); frame.setMinimumSize(d); //frame.setDefaultCloseOperation(JFrame.EXIT_ON_CLOSE); frame.setLocationRelativeTo(null); frame.setJMenuBar(menu); frame.setVisible(true); // Everything else in the class is my buttons, lists, editor panes, // and socket handling... }


You defined your frame variable as being static:

static JFrame frame = new JFrame("Chat Client");

so it is created only once for the class, no matter how many instances are created. Remove the static modifier if you want to hava it as an instance field.


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