Append INPUT to TEXTAREA as being typed in JQuery

I have an INPUT text box.

As someone types into the INPUT text box, i need it to append/add-to a TEXTAREA value.


Lets say user types '12345' into the text box.

The textarea (default value="Comment: ") will automatically add: 'Comment: 12345'. Adding '12345' as they type.


Assuming area is the id of your textarea and text the id of your textbox,

$(function() { var areaText = $('#area').val(); $('#text').bind('keyup keypress', function() { $('#area')[0].value = areaText + $(this)[0].value; }); });
    <li>Working Example here add <strong>/edit</strong> to the URL to play with the example</li> </ul>


    Russ Cam is missing an edge case -- you can drag and drop text into and within input fields by highlighting and dragging, which his code does not account for.

    Below code that covers this case:

    $(function() { var areaText = $('#area').val(); $('#text').bind('keyup keypress drop', dropfunction() { $('#area')[0].value = areaText + $(this)[0].value; }); });

    That said, there is still another edge case, which is deleting and manipulating via context menu. As of right now I can't see a way to detect the selection of context menu interaction... You could disable it if that is important using the following code

    $('#text').bind('contextmenu', function() { return false });


    $('#your_input').bind('keypress', function(event) { var char_code = event.which ? event.which : window.event.keyCode; var char = String.fromCharCode(char_code); $('#your_textarea').value += char; });


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