How to trim an array in .NET?

Say I have an array

array<double>^ buffer = gcnew array<double>(100);

And I want a function that does something like:

void foo(array<double>^% buffer) { Array::Resize(buffer, 10); }

but that don't allocate and/or move &buffer[0] when you want to trim the array.


.NET arrays are immutable in size once created. You <strong>can't</strong> trim it; you must reallocate and copy. So Array.Resize already does everything you need. Perhaps just ignore the elements at the end if you really don't want to do this.

Or; use a List<T>, which encapsulates an array, and does have TrimExcess(). In C# terms:

var list = new List<int>(100); // prints 0/100 Console.WriteLine("{0} / {1}", list.Count, list.Capacity); list.Add(1); list.Add(2); list.Add(3); // prints 3/100 Console.WriteLine("{0} / {1}", list.Count, list.Capacity); list.TrimExcess(); // prints 3/3 Console.WriteLine("{0} / {1}", list.Count, list.Capacity);


You cannot do this in .NET. Arrays in .NET are of fixed size once allocated; the only way you can change the size of an array is to re-allocate it (which is what Array.Resize does), and this will invariably change the location of the array in memory.


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