how to send data with form label element?

I should send data with form when submit button pressed.This value should be invisible and I used <label name=r_id id=r_id style="visible:hidden"> 1 </div>

This is my form

<form id="send_message" action="lib/send_message.php" method="post"> <textarea name="message" cols="45" rows="3" id="message"></textarea> <label name="r_id" id="r_id" style="visible:hidden"> 1 </label> <input type="submit" name="Submit" value="Submit"> <input type="reset" name="Submit2" value="Reset"> But in my .php file It shows only message ,id is empty.

I used $message= $_POST['message'] and $r_ID=$_POST['r_id'] ;


I should write that this label value must be change.And I am changing it with Jquery where the mouse clicked it gets tags id.Can I change value attribute with Jquery ?


You're after a hidden input.

<input type="hidden" name="r_id" value="1"/>


input type="hidden"

are made for this and they won't appear if CSS are disabled (but of course they'll still appear in the HTML code)


LABELs are not form elements that can hold or send data. They are captions tied to form elements.

<INPUT TYPE="hidden" name="r_id" id="r_id" VALUE="1"/>

This should do what you want.


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