IE7 dropdown menu appears behind image

I have created this css3 dropdown menu that appears behind the image when I mouse over the dropdown menu, and I have tried to figure it out. But cant for the life of me. Any help is greatly appeciated you can take a look at it here.


Quoting from this thread

Z-index is not an absolute measurement. It is possible for an element with z-index: 1000 to be behind an element with z-index: 1 - as long as the respective elements belong to different stacking contexts.

When you specify z-index, you're specifying it relative to other elements in the same stacking context, and although the CSS spec's paragraph on Z-index says a new stacking context is only created for positioned content with a z-index other than auto (meaning your entire document should be a single stacking context), you did construct a positioned span: apparently IE interprets this as a new stacking context.


Add the following css to you page

#header { position:relative; z-index: 2; } #content-wrap { position:relative; }


I think either of these will explain the problem and give a solution:


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