Grails filters: can't make it work !

Im trying to write a Filter for my web-app. I read [the documentation][1], and wrote this dummy filter in my grails-app/conf directory

class SecurityFilters { def filters = { someFilter(controller:'*',action:'*') { write('Filtering') } } }

Next thing I do is set a breakpoint on the write statement, but it just doesn't stop there.

Do I need to "register" this filter or anything? Spring may be bodering?

From this question, it doesn't look like it.

Maybe i'm doing something wrong, or overlooked anything?


class SecurityFilters { def filters = { all(controller:'*',action:'*') { before={ println 'Filtering' return false } } } }

Thanks in advance.

[1]: http://www.grails.org/doc/1.3.x/guide/single.html#6.6 Filters


Two problems. One is there's no 'write' method - change it to 'println' and it should work. But a filter is comprised of some combination of before, after, and afterView sub-closures, so what you really want is

class SecurityFilters { def filters = { someFilter(controller:'*',action:'*') { before = { println 'Filtering' } } } }

But if you're really creating a security filter, please don't. It's too easy to do this incorrectly. The Spring Security Core and Shiro plugins have plenty of features and are easy to configure and use.


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