How can I add an onClick listener to a fileButton in CKEditor?

I'm working in the image uploader plugin, and have a button definition like this:

{ type : 'fileButton', id : 'uploadButton', filebrowser : 'info:txtUrl', label : editor.lang.image.btnUpload, 'for' : [ 'Upload', 'upload' ], onClick : function() {alert('hey')} }

I have tried defining the function to be called elsewhere as a named function, with no luck. I also haven't been able to add an onClick listener to other elements, but the buttonDefinition class here specifically says you should be able to add one to a button.


Have you tried:

document.getElementById('uploadButton').onclick = function() { alert('Hey!'); }


This is the class of FileButton in javascript

function FileButton(){ this.type = 'fileButton'; this.id ='uploadButton'; this.filebrowser = 'info:txtUrl'; this.label = "editor.lang.image.btnUpload"; this.forr = [ 'Upload', 'upload' ]; } FileButton.prototype.onClick = function() {alert('hey')}

Or if you have json object and want to wrap into javascript class object, define FileButton class and use jquery:

function FileButton(){ this.type = 'fileButton'; this.id ='uploadButton'; this.filebrowser = 'info:txtUrl'; this.label = "editor.lang.image.btnUpload"; this.forr = [ 'Upload', 'upload' ]; } FileButton.prototype.onClick = function() {alert('hey')}; var a = $.extend(new FileButton(), { type : 'fileButton', id : 'uploadButton', filebrowser : 'info:txtUrl', label : "editor.lang.image.btnUpload", forr : [ 'Upload', 'upload' ], onClick : function() {alert('hey')} }); console.log(a); a.onClick();

JsFiddle.net link


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