Globally registered process is not registered

I'm using

spawn (node, module, function, Args) global:register_name(name, pid)

To register a process on a different node globally.

Here's the code

Pid = spawn(mi, loop, [X]), io:format("Glavni PID: ~w~n", [Pid]), register(glavni, Pid), Pid1 = spawn (prvi@Molly, mi, loop_prvi, []), io:format("Prvi PID: ~w~n", [Pid1]), global:register_name (prvi, Pid1),

When I run the code, it doesn't throw any error but when I try whereis(process) I get undefined on a node that spawned it.

Here's what process' console says:

Pid = spawn(mi, loop, [X]), io:format("Glavni PID: ~w~n", [Pid]), register(glavni, Pid), Pid1 = spawn (prvi@Molly, mi, loop_prvi, []), io:format("Prvi PID: ~w~n", [Pid1]), global:register_name (prvi, Pid1),

And when I try to whereis(process) from any node, either the master node or the node I created the process on, it says:

(prvi@Molly)2> whereis(prvi). undefined (prvi@Molly)3> whereis(prvi@Molly). undefined


To register on several nodes you have to:

    <li>start sevral nodes</li> <li>ensure they use the same cookie</li> <li>connect them (for example in node A, execute net_adm:ping(B))</li> <li>start a process on node B with spawn(node,...)</li> <li>register it with global:register_name(name, Pid)</li> <li>check the registration with global:whereis_name(name)</li> </ul>

    you miss at least the last point, but all of them are necessary.


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