Facebook Marketing API: retrieving metadata for many Ads via Python

I hope, someone has stumbled over the same issue and might guide me towards a simple solution for my problem.

I want to retrieve regularly some data regarding my Ads on Facebook. Basically, I just want to store some metadata in one of my databases for further reporting purposes. Thus, I want to get AD-ID, AD-name and corresponding ADSET-ID for all my Ads.

I have written this small function in Python:

def get_ad_stats(ad_account): """ Pull basic stats for all ads Args: 'ad_account' is the Facebook AdAccount object Returns: 'fb_ads', a list with basic values """ fb_ads = [] fb_fields = [ Ad.Field.id, Ad.Field.name, Ad.Field.adset_id, Ad.Field.created_time, ] fb_params = { 'date_preset': 'last_14_days', } for ad in ad_account.get_ads(fields = fb_fields, params = fb_params): fb_ads.append({ 'id': ad[Ad.Field.id], 'name': ad[Ad.Field.name], 'adset_id': ad[Ad.Field.adset_id], 'created_time': datetime.datetime.strptime(ad[Ad.Field.created_time], "%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%S+0000"), }) return (fb_ads)

Similar functions for Campaign- and AdSet-data work fine. But for Ads I am always reaching a user request limit: "(#17) User request limit reached".

I do have an API-access level of "BASIC" and we're talking here about 12,000 Ads. And, unfortunately, async-calls seem to work only for the Insights-edge.

Is there a way to avoid the user request limit, e.g. by limiting the API-request to only those Ads which have been changed/newly created after a specific date or so?


Ok, sacrificing the 'created_time' field, I have realized I could use the Insights-edge for that. Here is a revised code for the same function which is now using async-calls and a delay between calls:

def get_ad_stats(ad_account): """ Pull basic stats for all ads Args: 'ad_account' is the Facebook AdAccount object Returns: 'fb_ads', a list with basic values """ fb_ads = [] fb_params = { 'date_preset': 'last_14_days', 'level': 'ad', } fb_fields = [ 'ad_id', 'ad_name', 'adset_id', ] async_job = ad_account.get_insights(fields = fb_fields, params = fb_params, async=True) async_job.remote_read() while async_job['async_percent_completion'] < 100: time.sleep(1) async_job.remote_read() for ad in async_job.get_result(): fb_ads.append({ 'id': ad['ad_id'], 'name': ad['ad_name'], 'adset_id': ad['adset_id'], }) return (fb_ads)


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