Angular2 Web vs Mobile TemplateURL

I'd like to reuse components for a web version of my website as well as a mobile version. The websites are vastly different so responsive design is not feasible.

Ideally, there would be a way to provide multiple templateUrls based on the screen resolution, but I don't think something like this exists.


@Component({ selector: 'multiplatform-component', templateUrl-sm: 'app/sm.html', templateUrl-md: 'app/md.html', })

What is the best way to approach this?


You could create global function to resolve templateURLs:

function getTemplateURL(url:string){ /* check browser, etc. */ }; @Component({ selector: 'multiplatform-component', templateUrl: getTemplateURL('app/sm.html') })


The reusable part of a component usually resides in its class.

You could create a reusable class, that your different components would inherit:

export class ReusableClass{ } @Component({ selector: 'platform1', templateUrl: 'platform1.html', }) export class Platform1 extends ReusableClass{ } @Component({ selector: 'platform2', templateUrl: 'platform2.html', }) export class Platform2 extends ReusableClass{ }

All the ReusableClass methods and properties could then be accessible to the Platform1 and Platform2 components.

Only the selectors and templates would differ.


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