Histogram, error: Error in plot.new() : figure margins too large [duplicate]

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    I have to plot 141 histograms in R. I am working with windows 8. then I write:

    par(mfcol=c(12,12), oma=c(1,1,0,0)) for(m in 1:141 ){ x <- precData[[m]] hist(x[x != 0],30, xlab=NA, ylab=NA, main=statData$Name[m]) }

    But always I get this error: Error in plot.new() : figure margins too large

    How can I solve it?? Is there any command for adjusting the size of each histogram??



    You set the outer margins (outside the whole set of plots) but the inner margins (for each panel) are at the default. With the margins at the default, there is not enough room within each panel to plot the histogram and have the marginal information.

    So you need to change the inner margins as well, and if you want anything to look reasonable then you should also change size and position of the things to be added.

    Here is an example (I had to change to random data since your example was not reproducible):

    par(mfcol=c(12,12), oma=c(1,1,0,0), mar=c(1,1,1,0), tcl=-0.1, mgp=c(0,0,0)) for(m in 1:141 ){ x <- rnorm(100) hist(x[x != 0],30, xlab=NA, ylab=NA, main=paste('data: ',m), cex.axis=0.5, font.main=1, cex.main=0.8) }


    If it occurs using RStudio, you could try to enlarge your plot window. Sometimes it helps.


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