Where to place the parse.initialize()

I'm currently building an app with a small team on both iOS and Android, though right now I'm only focussing on Android. On their website tutorial they say the following line fairly early.

Before continuing, select your Parse app from the menu at the right. These steps are for your "NameAppHere" app.

Call Parse.initialize from the onCreate method of your Application class to set your application id and client key:

public void onCreate() { Parse.initialize(this, "XXXXXX", "XXXXXX"); }

They say I have to paste that bit of code in the onCreate method of the Application class, though there isn't an 'Application' class or Application.java. I already copied their .jar file into the project structure through one of the menu options Android studio gives me. I specified before this walkthrough that I already have an existing project, so I don't think that's the problem.


You have to create your own custom Application class by creating a class that extends Application and then override onCreate (just like you would any activity) and place that line in.

public class MyApplication extends Application { public void onCreate() { Parse.initialize(this, "XXXXXX", "XXXXXX"); } }

You also have to tell the manifest that you are using a custome application class. You can do this by, in your AndroidManifest.xml file, you will have to set the name element to the location of you new Application class:

<application android:name="com.packageName.example.MyApplication" android:label="@string/app_name" android:logo="@drawable/ic_launcher_no_text" >


You should create class and extend it to Application

public class ParseApplication extends Application { @Override public void onCreate() { Parse.initialize(this, "XXXXXX", "XXXXXX"); //...Rest of the Parse initializations. } }


It always exists, but if you want to modify it, you can extend the Application class.

There's a tutorial over here explaining how: http://www.devahead.com/blog/2011/06/extending-the-android-application-class-and-dealing-with-singleton/

The official Google Android docs on this topic can be found here.


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