UrlGenerationException (Missing required parameters for [Route])

I don't know where this error came from it says. I got this error when I tried to update my records. It works properly and updating into my database but getting this error. It says that that missed something in my parameter. I think my error is return redirect()->route('account.show'); when I tried to redirect to my <strong>show</strong> view after updating. But when I redirect to other works fine. Any opinions?

Missing required parameters for [Route: account.show] [URI: show/{id}].

I have 3 blade template. <strong>search</strong>, <strong>edit</strong> and <strong>show</strong>.

search.blade.php - To show all the records.

@foreach ($result as $row) <tr class = "success"> <td>{{ $row->id }}</td> <td>{{ $row->first_name }}</td> <td>{{ $row->last_name }}</td> <td>{{ $row->middle_name }}</td> <td>{{ $row->email }}</td> <td>{{ $row->username }}</td> <td> <a href = "{{ route ('account.show', $row->id) }}"><button type = "submit" class = "btn btn-info">View</button></a> <a href = "{{ route ('account.edit', $row->id) }}"><button type = "submit" class = "btn btn-warning">Edit</button></a> <a href = "{{ route ('result.destroyEmployee', $row->id) }}"><button type = "submit" class = "btn btn-danger">Archive</button></a> </td> </tr> @endforeach

edit.blade.php - Here where I got the error after hitting the submit button which is <strong>Save</strong>

<div class = "col-md-6"> <form class = "form-vertical" role = "form" method = "post" action = "{{ route ('account.edit', $result->id) }}"> <h3>Edit Employee</h3> <hr> <div class = "form-group"> <label for = "email" class = "control-label">Email Address</label> <input type = "text" name = "email" class = "form-control" value = "{{ $result->email }}"> </div> <div class = "form-group"> <label for = "username" class = "control-label">Username</label> <input type = "text" name = "username" class = "form-control" value = "{{ $result->username }}"> </div> <div class = "form-group"> <button type = "submit" class = "btn btn-success">Save</button> </div> <input type = "hidden" name = "_token" value = "{{ Session::token() }}"> </form>

show.blade.php - Textfield's will just place the value of the records.

<div class = "col-md-6"> <form class = "form-vertical" role = "form" method = "post" action = "{{ route ('account.show', $result->id) }}"> <h3>View Employee</h3> <hr> <div class = "form-group"> <label for = "email" class = "control-label">Email Address</label> <input type = "text" name = "email" class = "form-control" placeholder = "{{ $result->email }}" readonly> </div> <div class = "form-group"> <label for = "username" class = "control-label">Username</label> <input type = "text" name = "username" class = "form-control" placeholder = "{{ $result->username }}" readonly> </div> <input type = "hidden" name = "_token" value = "{{ Session::token() }}"> </form>


//READ Route::get('/search', [ 'uses' => '\App\Http\Controllers\AccountController@getEmployee', 'as' => 'account.search', ]); //SHOW Route::get('/show/{id}', [ 'uses' => 'AccountController@showEmployee', 'as' => 'account.show', ]); //EDIT Route::get('/edit/{id}', [ 'uses' => '\App\Http\Controllers\AccountController@editEmployee', 'as' => 'account.edit', ]); //UPDATE Route::post('/edit/{id}', [ 'uses' => '\App\Http\Controllers\AccountController@updateEmployee', 'as' => 'account.edit', ]);


Try to change this:

<form class = "form-vertical" role = "form" method = "post" action = "{{ route ('account.show', $result->id) }}">


<form class = "form-vertical" role = "form" action="{{ url('edit/'. $result->id) }}" method="POST">

Then you have to pass the route parameters as second argument to route. Something like this: return redirect()->route('account.show', [$id])

*I would recommend you to use laravel collective form: https://laravelcollective.com/

With laravel collective you can do something like this:

{!! Form::open(array('route' => array('account.show', $result->id))) !!}


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